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Chateau Renaissance won a gold medal in California's 2001 Grand Harvest Awards wine competition for our Brut New York State Champagne, which received a rating of 91 points from the judges panel.

Brut New York State Champagne is one of five actual Methode Champenoise New York State Champagnes made one bottle at a time by Patrice DeMay, using a 400 year old recipe from the DeMay family Sparkling Wine Cellars in the Loire Valley of France.  Our cuvee wines are made in the traditional European Style using spontaneous wild yeast fermentation.


Chateau Renaissance also produces "Fruit Sparkles"-- New York State Champagnes dosed with 100% fruit wines.

The label used on the Naturel, Brut, Demi Sec, and Doux New York State Champagne bottles was commissioned in 1933 by Serge DeMay, Patrice's father, for the DeMay-Gremy Sparkling Wine Cellars in France.

The artwork for the Rouge label is by Patrice DeMay, and features a painting of his father working on the  dosage machine used to produce our New York State Champagnes.

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New York State Champagne

Driest of our New York State Champagnes.
The natural unsweetened cuvee.
Match it with any foods.


New York State Champagne

Dry and creamy.
Serve with lobster and seafoods.


New York State Champagne
Demi Sec

Medium sweet.
Serve with light meats or fresh fruit salads.


New York State Champagne

Serve with pastries.


New York State Champagne

A DeMay family tradition from France.
Serve with meats and chocolates.


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