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Fruit Sparkles

Our Fruit Sparkles are made with our award-winning New York State Fruit Sparkling Wine as a base for a generous dose of one of our 100% Fruit Wines. The result is a lovely fruit flavored New York State Fruit Sparkling Wine. However,  if the loveliness is not intense enough for you, you can always add a few drops more of the Fruit Wine!

Some of our Fruit Sparkles are seasonal, and all of them depend on a surplus of each fruit wine, so get them while you can!

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Pear Sparkle

Driest of our Fruit Sparkles.
Medium sweetness.
Serve with mild cheeses such as Brie en Crout.


Peach Sparkle

Medium sweet.
Serve this wonderful peach aroma with ham or peach melba and pastries.


Raspberry Sparkle

Serve with fresh fruits, pastries, and chocolate desserts.


Cranberry Sparkle

A sweet and tart holiday favorite that has more demand than we can supply at Thanksgiving time.
Serve with turkey, poultry, and wild game.


Blackberry Sparkle

Fresh picked backyard blackberry wine in our Rouge Champagne makes one of our most unique, flavorful, but seasonal Fruit Sparkles. Get it while you can!
Serve by itself or with all sorts of chocolate desserts.


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