A History of Chateau Renaissance in montage
Loire Valley, France
The Loire Valley, France.
Patrice's father and grandmother in their vineyards in the Loire Valley of France, circa 1931. Patrice's father and grandmother harvesting their vineyards in France.
Patrice's mother and great grandfather pruning their vineyards in France. Patrice's grandmother and great grandfather in their vineyards in France, circa 1926.
A tasting from a thief within the DeMay-Grémy caves, Rochecorbon, Vouvray, Loire, France, 1970's. Wine Thief Barrel Tasting
DeMay caves "A votre passage en Touraine, visitez nos Caves à Rochecorbon." A 1940's postcard of the family's wine and Sparkling Wine caves inviting tourists.
Patrice is learning the business, circa 1963. The artwork behind the DeMays is now a fixture at Chateau Renaissance Wine Cellars in Hammondsport, NY. Selling Wine in France
The Estate in Vouvray "Le Viaux moulin de la Tour Jules Grémy propriètaire, ROCHECORBON." Postcard. This is the estate in which Patrice was born.
Bottling in the Caves Antique Champagne Corking Machine Close-Up
Bottling in the DeMay-Grémy Wine and Sparkling Wine caves of France.
The Sparkling Wine corking machine over the woman's shoulder can still be seen in action at Chateau Renaissance.

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