Chateau Renaissance

Red Wines

The complex flavor of our wines is a result of the old world method of spontaneous wild yeast fermentation used at Chateau Renaissance by owner and winemaker Patrice DeMay.

The label art is also created by Patrice.

Our wines are produced completely from local grapes and are pressed here at the winery. American hybrids, French hybrids, French-American hybrids, and vinifera grapes are used.

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Dry, full-bodied red.
0.2% R.S.
Smooth, low tannin taste.
Try with grilled salmon, fresh tuna, or swordfish.
Serve also with red meat and cheese.



Dry, rich, full-bodied red.
0.2% R.S.
Goes nicely with lamb, beef, and big flavored cheeses. Makes any dinner occasion special.


Vineyard House

Sweet red blend.
4% R.S.
Excellent with pizza or when enjoying a warm spring day. Exceptionally nice with chocolate.


Cabernet Franc

Dry, full-bodied red.
0.2% R.S.
Rich, deep and red. If you like red wine, this one is for you. Wild yeast fermentation, and not oak aged.


Basset Blush

Medium. 3% R.S. Grapefruit and rose flavors. Serve with cold salads, fresh fruits, and cheeses.



Medium sweet red blended with fruit and fruit wines.
3.5% R.S.
Fruity, serve by itself or with pizza or at parties in place of punch.


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