Chateau Renaissance

Sherry and Port

The complex flavor of our sherry was attained by three years of maturation in the sun while feeding the yeast to produce more alcohol. No "high proof" spirit was added to this sherry. Therfore it is not "fortified wine" as other sherries are. The warming, high alcohol content was produced slowly and naturally by the yeast over three years in natural sunlight-- and no ovens were used as other more dubious methods employ.

The flavor is complex-- nuts, caramel, toffee, balanced by a slight sweetness.

The label art is created by the winemaker and winery owner, Patrice DeMay.

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Cellar Master
Cream Sherry

16% abv
Smooth, warming, nutty taste. Solar aged for three years.



19% abv
Our Constance Port is a warming fortified wine. A ruby style port at 19% alcohol by volume.


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