Chateau Renaissance

White Wines

Our white wines will age well because of the spontaneous wild yeast fermentation used at Chateau Renaissance, but they are great right now!

The label art is also created by the winemaker, Patrice DeMay.

Our wines are produced completely from local grapes and are pressed here at the winery. American hybrids, French hybrids, French-American hybrids, and vinifera grapes are used.

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Dry, 1.4% R.S.
Citrusy, crisp, yet fruity. Deeply complex low acid flavor. Wonderful with light meats and fish, shrimp, or mild sausage.



Dry, full-bodied white.
0.1% R.S.
Creamy and smoky, fermented in Sur Lie style.


Late Harvest Vignoles

Sweet, 7.8% R.S.
Undertones of apricot jam and golden raisins. Serve with cheeses like muenster or mild cheddar, or sweet sausages.



Sweet. 5.8% R.S.
Like the musketeer it was named after, this wine is sweet and young. Tastes like it was just freshly picked! Wonderful with Swiss cheese.


Basset Blush

Medium. 3% R.S.
Grapefruit and rose flavors. Serve with cold salads, fresh fruits, and cheeses.


Joie de Vidal

Special Eiffle Tower bottle.



Medium sweet.
3% R.S.
A white wine Sangria made with a blend of white wines, peach wine, lemon, cherries and other fruit.


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